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94. andreas   (09.03.2004 13:55) E-mail
thanks for this great soft.
i spendet hours with it, and will some more
now i can customize my maps as i want. i'm a train fan. so i changed the zoomlevel for railways. it works on the pc, i can see now the traks up to the 50km level. but if i load it to my vista the traks are visible only at 500 m level or below. but try to find a track in this level... scroll till the batt's are flat. if i change the track to a border or road and safe it to my vista i've got no problem. is there a limitation in the gps?
Answer: Yes, this is known limitation of eTrex'es and some other GPS receivers from Garmin

93. David   (09.03.2004 13:03) E-mail
Thanks for all you have done! Is there a support for datum "Hermankogel" used by Ozi? Garmin name for the same datum is "Croatia". If not, can I use it as a custom datum? I know the dx,dy ... values for Hermankogel but I have no idea how to work with custom datum together with Mapedit.
Have a nice time
Answer: The datum 'Hermannskogel' (like many others) is supported for Ozi maps since 0.98b. Support of custom datums is planned

92. Hans   (03.03.2004 13:43) E-mail
Excelent software - thanks a lot.
I have a problem when using meter elevation units.
I have shape files with contours, spot heights etc with elevation in meter.
In GPSMapEdit I have Tools|Options|Units set to meter (option disabled, but defaults to meter).
In File|Map Properties|Header, elevation is also disabled but set to feet.

So far I have had to manually insert "elevation = m"
in the [IMG ID] section before compiling with cgpsmapper. Would be nice if I could set the elevation to meter in GPSMapEdit directly.
Answer: The problem is planned to solve

91. Johny   (02.03.2004 12:00) E-mail

this problem has been adressed before, but is a really big limitation... I have some rather large Ozi maps (4500x6500 pixels, 72dpi, 24 bit) and program fails to open them due to lack of mamory? Oziexplorer opens the file in no time without any problems...

Also support of custom datums would be greatly apriciated.

Regards, Johny.
Answer: Both issues are planned to solve

90. Georgi   (27.02.2004 15:06) E-mail
Просто незаменимая программа. Очень удобна, наглядна и продуманна. Читал про перспективы развития: ждём! Хорошо, что есть такие энтузиасты, как Вы! За такую программу не жалко и денег отдать.

89. Adagon Park   (25.02.2004 05:36) E-mail
It's wonderful, amazing, great program.

I know how to use all the fratures ,except one thing.

Please let me know how can i use of transform function(affine & quardratic)...
Answer: Please read FAQ #19 & #20 (http://kgy.narod.ru/util/mapedit/faq_e.htm)

88. Ivan   (21.02.2004 17:24) E-mail
Константин, два вопроса к Вам:
- будет ли выпущена русскоязычная версия программы?
- можно ли предусмотреть сохранение отредактированного (измененного)исходного файла .img сразу в формате .img, без дополнительной конвертации cGPSmapper. Я как-то уже задавал этот вопрос. но ответ возможно просмотрел.
Answer: Все это только вопрос времени. Подробный список планируемых фич есть в самом конце FAQ (http://kgy.narod.ru/util/mapedit/faq.htm)

87. John   (19.02.2004 17:37) E-mail
Good Work, I find your software very usefull.
I have a problem though.
I'm using you software to edit Garmin MapSource CanadaV4 (developed by DMTI).
When I open some of the *.IMG files I find the image blank. It seems like this is only true for files that have a "zoom level 3". If I select another zoom level the image is ok.
After editing the image I save it in "Polish" format and then export it back to a *.IMG format using "MapSend".
When I view the image with the "Mapsource" software I find that at certain zoom levels the image is blank. If I zoom out or in it's ok again.

Does your software support "zoom level 3" or do you think it is a problem with "Mapsend" ?

Thanks in Advance!
John (Canada).
Answer: Answered by email (sorry, it's too much text for guest book :-)

86. Dave   (15.02.2004 09:46) E-mail
Excellent program! 2 questions:

1) Is there any way to join 2 polylines so that they become one polyline? I'm working on a mpa created by someone else & want to join some segments that should actually be the 1 road.

2) People normally trace over raster maps to create the vector file. In my case I have a lot of vector data (MapInfo). Is there any way to bring in vector data & selectively add parts of that vector data to the MapEdit file? Something like a layer of vector data that is visiblebut isn't part of the data to be written to the file, and I can click on parts of that layer & change it so that it is aded to the MapEdit data to be written? (I don't think my description is too good there!)
Answer: Answered by email (sorry, it's too much text for guest book :-)

85. Владимир   (09.02.2004 14:10) E-mail
Возможно этот вопрос уже поднимался, но все таки: Есть ли поддержка карт Lowrance Ifinder? И если нет, то планируется ли?
Заранее благодарен за ответ.
Answer: Поддержки Lowrance нет и пока не планируется (по крайней мере, пока этот формат не будет достаточно исследован). Все поддерживаемые форматы перечислены здесь - http://kgy.narod.ru/util/mapedit/limitations.htm

84. Arvi   (09.02.2004 00:42) E-mail
I have GPS Magellan Meridian Color.
Can I build maps for this device?
Answer: Maps for Magellan GPSrs are not supported. Please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mapsend_format

83. Fritz   (05.02.2004 19:32) E-mail
I am working a lot with Mapedit and I found nearly all what I needed except the following:
After having joined regions (object now)to change something for all these regions, how can I devide this complex into the original objects (elements) again? The button "extract elements" do not open, what ever I tried. Is this function not yet available?
By the way, the program is extraordinary helpful and I have created a lot of coastal maps for boat navigation, better than the Bluechart maps.
Thank you.
Answer: Please select the element to extract using CTRL+click.

82. Brane   (05.02.2004 01:27) E-mail
Great program, really many thanks...

I use your software MapEdit for creating the maps for my GARMIN. It is perfect tool but one thing is missing for me. I use my shape files for creating the maps. My shape files are not standard coordinates. Garmin recivers can create USER UTM GRID and USER DATUM. I have parameter for USER UTM GRID (longitude origin, scale, false easting, false northing) and USER DATUM (dx, dy, dz, da, df). Please let me know if you plan to do it.
Answer: Yes, I plan this

81.   (01.02.2004 07:26)
How can we donate money to your project?
Answer: Thank you, I plan to release shareware version soon

80.   (21.01.2004 15:44) E-mail
Thanks for your good work.
Please get a Paypal acount and put a link on the site so users can donate some cash and contribute to your project.
Answer: I plan to release shareware version soon. Unfortunately PayPal service is not available in Russia

79. Mitta   (20.01.2004 17:37) E-mail
Уважаемый Константин, с удовольствием пользуюсь вашей программой. Просто Супер!!!
Нарыл тут карт старых финских 1938 года Карелия. Датум видимо Finland Hayford (в Ozi предстален), по крайней мере трэки ложатся отлично. Но Mapedit оного видимо не признает? Все мимо, или я чего не правильно делаю?
Всех благ и удачи
Answer: Поддержка Finland Hayford добавлена в GPSMapEdit 0.98b.

78.   (14.01.2004 06:02) E-mail
Thank you for all of the hard work in makeing MapEdit.

A great number of people have finally been able to get good New Zealand street level maps because of your generousity.




77. Евгений Рыбаков   (08.01.2004 12:24) E-mail
Здравствуйте, Константин!
Поздравляю с Новым Годом!
Как у Вас дела и планы?
Письма с kg@infratel.com возвращаются.
Евгений Рыбаков

76. Rob   (31.12.2003 22:08) E-mail
Good program, easy to use. i have one question regarding the use of levels.
I traced on map everything seemed fine, i then added a second map and started to trace it. When i zoom in i lose the first map all together. I tried to play with the level settings but i seem to just make it worse and end up losing stuff.

Do you have any tips for levels and editing.

Thanks Rob
Answer: I will answer by email after Jan, 5th, sorry... And I hope zoom out may help :)

75. Гена (Hartmann)   (30.12.2003 12:27) E-mail
С Новым годом Константин!!!! Успехов в следующем году.