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194. hkopenmap   (22.02.2007 18:12) E-mail
it will be great if allow us to edit the .mp inside gpsmapedit interface. looking forward to your new version.

193. Arianadiv   (07.02.2007 12:52) E-mail
Super :)
Best regards to you and to your project.
good night

192. HK Open Map   (10.01.2007 08:44)
We are all waiting for new updated version to be came out.

191. jotne   (01.11.2006 13:25) E-mail

Thanks for a nice program.

I have some question about missing things.
I do not see "Illuminated Ski Trail" and "Footpath" in mapedit.
I would like to add my own track.
This is Norwegian TOPO pro maps. They open in mapedit, but i miss the track. I see the track in MapSource.
Do I forget to slect/view something.

190. Bob Morley   (20.10.2006 08:24) E-mail
Great bit of software & proving extremely useful. Well done & thanks.

189. cacher   (15.09.2006 21:31)
Congratulations for a great app. For all of us debugging large maps, I''d like to be able to find/select a road by its RoadID.

188. Jose Olcese   (13.09.2006 03:25) E-mail

I just created an script to conver from .mp to .kml files.
I think it might be intresting for you...



187. louis   (21.08.2006 22:12) E-mail
too bad.. it doesn''t work for me :(
although the MAP is unlocked on MapSource and the GPS device.. i still get this error:

WARNING: The map is locked. (NOTE: such maps are not supported by intention).

186.   (18.08.2006 22:46)
Really great App, I feel good to found this incredible software, Thak you, for the creators.

185. Gie   (09.08.2006 19:01)
Nice tool. How about marine maps support in future? ;)

184. Henry   (02.08.2006 03:04)
Dear Sir:
Thanks for your program, it''s very helpful.
I''ve a question. I got a "bad allocation" error when compiling my map, how can I trouble shooting it?
Thank you.

183. me   (01.08.2006 23:56) E-mail
MapEdit is great utility, thanks for it.
PS: Nice try with ----- ;)

182. John   (23.07.2006 02:05) E-mail
Thanks for great app!
Would it be possible to add Mercator projection?
Could you comment on that?

181. Scott   (13.07.2006 06:07)
I appreciate MapEdit''s relative ease of use. I would like to see more granular zoom levels defined as they are too broad. More "small distance" zoom levels are needed as the map starts by showing almost all the content when I have more than 2 levels.

180. Agron Shujaku   (12.07.2006 07:31) E-mail
Hi there

I just worked a bit with your program..is great. What about printing? Can you implement printing the map after is finished?



179. Tuto   (01.07.2006 21:48) E-mail
Very nice tool... the BEST for mapping !!!!

So, will be very nice have the next tools:

- Find a RoadID
- Find a NodID
- View (filter) by objects, like the levels do!!!
- Help (Dictionary of the menu items)
- Help for the best use of objects (Tips)

Thanks & Go Ahead !!!

178. Владимир   (11.06.2006 06:38) E-mail
Двумя словами, конкретная программа

177. Mariano Galvan   (05.06.2006 06:32) E-mail
MapEdit es a very helpfull tool for building and editing maps for GARMIN, that''s why I encourage yow to continue updating the SW. By the way please complemen the "TRIM" command with "TRIM INSIDE"

176. echo   (04.05.2006 20:23)
Great work! love your apps, light and simple.
My wishlist :)

- Most use POI type, so we don''t need to scroll up and down in POI type menu. Ability to go to POI type by tapping the first letter in POI word would be help also.

- More user friendly node editing. When the polyline or polygon need major change, better to remove it at first than recreate from scratch for now. Its pain to edit the polyline/gon.

- Evaluation copy limit to strict! :) At least allow some more video memory..

- Ability to calibrated the map would be very nice!

- Custom Grid!

- More info in status bar, UTM coordinate, object info, length, node summary would be helpful

- keep it free!

- tons more wishlist, but please keep GPSMapEdit simple! This is the strength of your software anyway :)

Thank you very much!

175. Lowrance   (28.04.2006 10:51) E-mail
I think the program is great. I have been trying the new wersion that works with Lowrance. When du you plan to make more colours for object types? Is it possible to make your own set of colours? I need 5 different colours in blue, red, grey, purple and yellow.