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54. HaDe   (11.11.2003 18:47) E-mail
Congratulation, you did a great work. It was so importend
Now I can produce missing maps i.e. from Canada. Garmin will never have topo-maps from Canada or Ghana in Africa
My wishes-list I will send shortly.
best regards

53. Ivan   (08.11.2003 16:00) E-mail
Большое спасибо за версию 90, то что надо.

52. Horace   (08.11.2003 15:56)
Great Program, but what about nautical maps ?
Please support this feature in the future.


51. Андрей   (04.11.2003 00:17)
Супер! версия 90 - выбор заданных по типу объектов ЖДАЛ! очень ЖДАЛ! СПАСИБО!!!!

ps ещё не успел попробовать :-)

50. jimmy   (20.10.2003 17:01) E-mail
This program is unique, i loocked for something like this without any sussess and i can't believe that i found it ! Real great work ! Thanks !!

49. Ivan   (09.10.2003 21:44) E-mail
Очень хорошая и ценная программа. В процессе работы с ней у меня часто возникает потребность редактировать массу подобных (одинаковых) объетов, например троп или ручьев, поэтому хотелось бы, чтобы можно было выделять их все сразу на всей карте для дальнейшего присвоения им других характеристик.

48. Claudio   (09.10.2003 21:01) E-mail
Konstantin, even if I appreciate a lot your program, please do something to let MapEdit become able to read nautical maps as Garmin Blue charts: these are the most complex one and, on the other side, nautical applications require to update the maps more than land applications do.

47. Claudio   (09.10.2003 20:49) E-mail
Great program: waiting for the announced capability of exporting shapefiles I wrote a program, called TXT2SHP, able to do that. TXT2SHP is writtem in VB6, using ESRI MapObjects: it reads one or many TXT, in MapEdit format, and creates 4 SHP for each input file: one for polygons, one for lines, one for points and one for symbols (POI).
Display, zooming and panning of SHP are also provided just as basic functions.
I posted the TXT2SHP program in the file section of the group mapsend_format
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mapsend_format/files/ ); due to the post filesize limitations I created 2 ZIP: TXT2SHP_part1.zip and TXT2SHP_part2.zip; if you need such a program extract both files in a temp directory and run Setup.
Sorry for the size of the installer: this is due to VB. I'm not a programmer and I'm not familiar with C++.

The VB source code of TXT2SHP is also included: please note you need MapObjects to compile the code. A 90 days trial of MapObjects is available at http://www.esri.com/software/mapobjects/download.html.

Claudio Galli

46. Opal   (09.10.2003 12:59) E-mail
Great program, really many thanks...

What I miss, that unfortunately not all Garmin types can de opened properly. E.g. Bluemaps, Hungarian Naviguide, ... may be those that are new.

It would also be nice if the communication part to upload Garmins would be directly integrated into the program.

45. Fritz   (08.10.2003 22:33) E-mail
I have the same problem as Gustaf: MapEdit is great, but without cGPSmapper only half of the fun. I downloaded cGPSmapper from gpsmapper.keenpeole.com but it is not runnig. Maybe this version is not any more functional?
Answer: Please contact Stan (the author of cgpsmapper)

44. Gustaf   (07.10.2003 11:16) E-mail
This is exactly the program i have been looking for. Thanks a lot. But cGPSmapper.exe is no longer availible for download. If someone has this application, please send it to me. That would be very appriciated. Thanks.
Answer: Please look at http://gpsmapper.keenpeople.com/

43. Zvika   (06.10.2003 13:52) E-mail
Great program, cheers for the good and hard work

I was looking for mapsource editing and this program is great.

42. Erik   (06.10.2003 12:28) E-mail
I use your software MapEdit for creating the maps for my GARMIN. It is perfect tool but one thing is missing for me. I use my shape files for creating the maps. My shape files are in WGS-84 UTM coordinates which I think is a standard coordinates from GPS receivers. But MapEdit does not propose the combination of WGS-84 datum and UTM coordinates. I can use WGS-84 and Gauss-Kruger combination but then I need to compute the shifts. The best would be if you could implement to your software WGS-84 + UTM combination. Please let me know if you plan to do it.
Answer: Yes I plan to support UTM

41.   (05.10.2003 05:32) E-mail
it's a great program!!
but how do i input addresses and intersections into my garmin?
Answer: POI addresses are supported by GPSMap Edit and may be saved to Polish file. But unfortunately free cgpsmapper does not support POI addresses.

40. kos   (02.10.2003 09:35) E-mail
Спасибо! Хорошая прога! Но нет предела совершенству! :-)
Хочу сказать вот что - если ставишь какую-то точку,я работал только с POI, то ее потом очень трудно найти, а тем более попасть по ней мышью.. Вот если б можно было б например менять ее цвет... Или , что лутьше, она сама меняла цвет в соответствии с фономм. Ну и если б она была крупней.. Было бы проще. Хотя может я чего не понял. Тады прошу простить! :-)

39. Steve   (25.09.2003 05:15) E-mail
Great Software.

Here is what I have been using to do maps:
1) I used GEM to download Mapquest maps
2) Use DRGmap.cal to automatically calibrate maps
3) Import all maps into GPSmap Edit and trace them out.

This works fairly well, except the calibration from one map to the next is a bit off (+/-5 or 10 meters).


38. Bob   (17.09.2003 23:20) E-mail
Great Program.
Have had a problem with accidently moving a region by trying to scroll the map with the wrong tool selected.
If you realise this in time you can undo. Perhaps confirmation of intention to move a region would protect.

37. Nicolas   (12.09.2003 18:22)
Great Program!
It would be nice to be able to calibrate bitmap within
Mapedit. Always have to use OziExplorer to calibrate my
bitmap than opening it in Mapedit.

Take care and don't take sunburn during your vacation! ; )

36. sandex   (10.09.2003 16:20)
great sw..! can you insert a facility to MOVE the selection by an ask coordination?
like.. move X of 3°EST and 1°NORD

35. Carl   (06.09.2003 03:00) E-mail
Great Program!!! Wish there was more documentation but other than that nice!